What is OTP SMS ?

OTP SMS or One Time Password is a short passcode that is sent to the customer who registered for online service or other services on behalf of verification with the organization. These codes are used for security purposes, you can also request another code after the session ends or if any other error occurs.

Why DotSMS's OTP SMS Service ?

Scalable Solutions
Easily send your SMS OTP without a limit per second. Authkey.io is not bound with a sending limit. Your inbound and outbound capacity is handled without a stop.
Live Analytics
Get insights into detailed analytics about each OTP for its delivery, failed & latency report. Every detail of every OTP.
Premium Quality
Deliver an exceptional quality experience to your customers. Our highly secure platform has high uptime and redundant setup with 24x7 support.


OTP is sent through SMS to the mobile phone of the users for login and other purposes. On customer mobile phones it is valid for up to one minute in accordance with the sender. These SMS are the perfect way to prevent and protect from hacking and theft. Dot SMS is direct operating connectivity so no third party can interfere between us and our customer.


OTP SMS is mainly used for authentication and security purposes of the users.

On-time delivery

You can have fast delivery within 30 seconds.

API integration

Easy integration of API with your system.

Customer support

Dot SMS gives 24*7 fanatic customer support.

Low-cost value

Cost-effective and affordable price compared to others.

Instant report

You can get a real-time report with an exact database.

Integrate OTP SMS API for multi Services

One Time Password
In order to generate an OTP, our platform handles all the back-end logic each time. A variable Unique OTP code is associated with a particular user.
Two Factor Authentication 2FA
A two-factor authentication method adds another layer of security to user accounts. It provides an extra security precaution after the username and password.
Transaction Verification
Business transactions are part of day-to-day operations. Ensure that your customers are protected from financial fraud by validating all transactions using OTP.
Password-less Login
Logging into a user account requires a username and password. Logging in with a user name and OTP makes the process safe, secure, and swift.

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