What is Promotional SMS?

Promotional sms is used for advertising/ promoting their new products or existing products/ business to the targeted customers to reach their sales goal according to customer interest. You can engage with your customer in an efficient and direct way to promote your business through promotional sms. Offer-related alerts, competition, giveaways, coupons, etc… are come underway of sending promotional sms.

5 Key Benefits of Promotional SMS

  An SMS campaign consisting of a series of messages spread over a period of time improves conversion rates. Consumers engage with multiple messages and create an association with your messages, and are ready to act on the message’s call-to-action.

  Studies show that SMS open time lag is three minutes which means customers read your SMS within three to five minutes of your text message reaching them. Since SMS is quick to read, hand customers prefer an SMS to email or phone calls thus opening new avenues for business promotion.

  When you have a huge distribution list to reach out to, sending individual emails or calling is cumbersome. Bulk promotional SMS solves this for you allowing you to reach the maximum number of customers.

  Promotional SMS is one of the most flexible, and easy methods of reaching out to customers with the lowest investment.

  Return on Investment is the highest in promotional SMS marketing campaigns when compared to all other campaigns

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Promotional SMS


Any organization can able to promote its business through Dot SMS. These SMS can be sent through dynamic sender id; for example, TX-023265. Also, it can be sent only between 9 am to 9 pm. You can also view and download the delivery report datewise or as you want.

Instant delivery

Dot SMS can give you 100% delivery in promotional SMS with accurate and valid data.

DND filter

Dnd numbers can be automatically filtered while sending SMS using the live database in our portal.

Bulk database

Promotional Bulk SMS can be sent to a large group of people, excel sheets can also be uploaded for higher data.

Language support

All types of languages or any regional languages can be sent through promotional SMS.

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