Usage of Transactional SMS Service in India

Transactional sms service is to send IMP Alerts, Updates, Reminders, EMI Alerts, Parental alerts, and much more. We provide template-based transactional sms service with free SMS API, Free DLT Registration & Premium Transaction SMS Service. Transaction SMS API can be integrated with websites, applications, and software. We are India’s leading and fastest-growing bulk sms provider and We are direct operating connectivity with Airtel, BSNL, etc. Transactional SMS related to a transaction/action (order confirmation, receipt of packages or an order, acceptance of payment, delivery confirmation or provision of a parcel at relay point, reminder, the confirmation message of reservation, appointment reminders, or appointment confirmation, etc.) in an application.

Send Educational SMS

Send School updates, Parental alerts, attendance, fees, roll number, and marks.

E-Commerce Alert

Send order alerts and updates to your e-commerce clients like order confirmation, cancellation, order delivery and return.

Booking Confirmation

Send booking or ticket confirmation via sms for event, rail, bus, gas, appointment and events.

Financial Alert

Send critical financial alerts about credit transfer, EMI update, salary transfer and much more.

Retail Store Update

Transaction sms can be used for mass communication by Government, Industry, Organisation.

Mass Communication

Transaction sms can be used for mass communication by Government, Industry, Organisation.

Transactional SMS


We are one of the leading companies in India providing Transaction sms at a low cost. Dot SMS presence in major cities. You can design, build, host and operate your own SMS applications!. We provide a transactional sms service for Banking, eCommerce, Finance, education(School/College), real estate, and much more.

DND Allowed

You may send transactional SMS to DND Numbers.

Delivery Report

Check sent SMS in the SMS Delivery report.

Send SMS 24×7

Unlike promotional SMS, you may send SMS anytime.

Free API Integration

Free API Integration with your software or website.

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